10,000′ Serial Communication

Hopefully the title isn’t too misleading. In-case you’re wondering, we’re not going to talk about implementing a 10,000 Ft serial line.. But we are going to look at serial protocols from quite a broad perspective.

Whats the difference between RS232, USART, UART, Serial, USB, CAN, SPI, I2C, JTAG, and 1-Wire protocols..?

First of all, lets clear up some confusion: They’re not all protocols. UART and USART are hardware modules that let you implement other serial protocols. Continue reading “10,000′ Serial Communication”

VHDL Clock

The other day in my school’s Student Projects Lab, a young gal (in high school) came looking for help with her word clock she was working on. Originally she was going to use an Arduino, but something (this part of the story is still a little vague) went wrong, so she ended up using a FPGA instead. This reminded me of a project from my freshman year that I thought I’d share. Continue reading “VHDL Clock”

First Post: The Wheel (WordPress)

This being my first post, lets start with my most recent design decision: WordPress.

When I started thinking about making a blog, the engineer in me had the intention of making a blog from the ground up. After all, I know enough PHP, databases seem simple enough; why not use it as an excuse to get more familiar with web development? Besides, who wants their blog to be ‘just another WordPress site’?

Short answer: I’m reinventing the wheel.

Long answer: I actually did start to develop a new blogging application. I used CodeIgniter on a Vagrant deployed development environment, and wrote a small application that would store and retrieve posts. But good isn’t good enough. I wanted a WYSIWYG editor. Done. I needed a dynamic menu. Done.. well, sort of.. I also wanted it to be mobile friendly (responsive – to borrow the buzzword). Hello H5BP and Bootstrap. At this point, my little program isn’t so simple. In fact, it looks like any other blogging platform; except that mine doesn’t look good (I’m an engineer, not an artist – but I still require perfection).  Besides, I have other projects I want to work on that will teach me the same thing. Solution: WordPress.