VHDL Clock

The other day in my school’s Student Projects Lab, a young gal (in high school) came looking for help with her word clock she was working on. Originally she was going to use an Arduino, but something (this part of the story is still a little vague) went wrong, so she ended up using a FPGA instead. This reminded me of a project from my freshman year that I thought I’d share.

For our introduction to digital logic class (CPE 133 – ie. VHDL) we had to make a final project to demonstrate the last day of class. My lab partner and I decided to make a digital clock, which we called ElRelojDeAusLey or The Clock of Aus[tin and Stan]ley. I only managed to find one picture, but if I run into it again, i’ll be sure to take more.



LED Matrix Addressing. Blue columns were originally going to be part of the design so that messages could be scrolled across the display, however available IO on the board had different ideas in mind.

VHDL Clock Matrix








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