10,000′ Serial Communication

Hopefully the title isn’t too misleading. In-case you’re wondering, we’re not going to talk about implementing a 10,000 Ft serial line.. But we are going to look at serial protocols from quite a broad perspective.

Whats the difference between RS232, USART, UART, Serial, USB, CAN, SPI, I2C, JTAG, and 1-Wire protocols..?

First of all, lets clear up some confusion: They’re not all protocols. UART and USART are hardware modules that let you implement other serial protocols. Continue reading “10,000′ Serial Communication”

First Post: The Wheel (WordPress)

This being my first post, lets start with my most recent design decision: WordPress.

When I started thinking about making a blog, the engineer in me had the intention of making a blog from the ground up. After all, I know enough PHP, databases seem simple enough; why not use it as an excuse to get more familiar with web development? Besides, who wants their blog to be ‘just another WordPress site’?

Short answer: I’m reinventing the wheel.

Long answer: I actually did start to develop a new blogging application. I used CodeIgniter on a Vagrant deployed development environment, and wrote a small application that would store and retrieve posts. But good isn’t good enough. I wanted a WYSIWYG editor. Done. I needed a dynamic menu. Done.. well, sort of.. I also wanted it to be mobile friendly (responsive – to borrow the buzzword). Hello H5BP and Bootstrap. At this point, my little program isn’t so simple. In fact, it looks like any other blogging platform; except that mine doesn’t look good (I’m an engineer, not an artist – but I still require perfection).  Besides, I have other projects I want to work on that will teach me the same thing. Solution: WordPress.